About Us

Cut Loose turns old tee shirts into stylish new products. With the help of scissors and stitching, we transform gently used or overstock tees into shirts, skirts, bags and other styles that make a statement for their owner.

Owner and lead seamstress Anita Stech of Duluth, Minnesota, has seen hundreds of tee shirt designs roll off the dryer at a local screen printing shop. The tees represent life events – weddings, reunions. They celebrate events – athletic teams, walks and runs for charitable causes. Each piece was intended to mean something to its future owner.

But with so many tees for so many common occasions – what happens to those that are retired to the closet after only a few wears?

Cut Loose helps continue the memories & the pride by reviving them into something fashionable or more practical. Think of them as born-again tees.

Each piece and design is unique – no two items are identical. The new clothes are meant to make each customer feel like a true individual.

And best of all, your new shirt, skirt or bag was created with little harm to the environment. Because all materials are reused, this company has virtually no negative impact on the environment.

It's just one more reason to feel good about our products.

Anita Stetch

Sewing first for herself and then her three daughters, Anita Stech has outfitted her family with every type of clothing. She comes from a family of seamstresses – her grandmothers and aunts sewed for their families and professionally. Her mother, one of the hometown’s first female business owners, established Benda’s Millinery in the 1950’s, where she designed and sewed hats of all kinds.

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