Custom Work

Unique Idea #1

Give your Favorite Tee New Life

Take that favorite tee that has fallen victim to stretching and arm pit stains by repurposing it into a once again favorite.

Unique Idea #2

The Infamous Souvenir Tees

It seems that when someone goes on vacation, they love to bring back tee shirt souvenirs. Turn that ordinary tee into a one-of-a-kind apron.

Unique Idea #3

The Slightly Un-Enthusing Gift

Ever received a shirt for a gift from a friend or relative that just wasn't quite your style? Let Cut Loose Creations help you keep that shirt, while inspiring the inner you!

Unique Idea #4

The Overwhelming Free Tees

Everyone loves a free tee, but they never seem to be quite the right size. Turn that nightgown into a new fashionable everyday shirt.

Unique Idea #5

Bringing Back a Memory

Take that old athletic shirt full of memories that remains in your drawer and turn it into an everyday bag.

Unique Idea #6

Finding a Purpose for "Un-Cool" Shirts

Transform that teen classified "un-cool" shirt into a "cool" drawstring tote bag that sparks a conversation.

Unique Idea #7

Unique One-of-a-Kind Gifts

Finding a unique functional gift has become an endless search, but look no further; give that bright young graduate a fashionable bag to take with her as she heads off to college reminding her to "carry" on her memories.

Unique Idea #8

Turn Last Year's Look into this Year's Style

The event was great, but now you have a box of identical, leftover event shirts; turn them into a one-of-a-kind fashion.